Why are prices not displayed?

We do not display prices for services because they are tailored to your circumstances and trip requirements. We can often discount a pricing where we have similar bookings, which allow us to increase the seating, and timing factors.

Where will I be picked up from?

Sheppo's offer a "door to door" service. This means that we will collect you at your doorway when we pick you up at home, at the various airport terminals, or cruise terminals, or whatever we arrange. For terminals, please see below specific details.

How much time should I allow for a trip?

Our booking staff are experienced in the common trip times and will make recommendations to you. Naturally these will differ depending on peak hours.

What are your hours of service?

Sheppo's offer a 24hr, 7 day per week service.
Need to book at 3am? No problem.
Need to travel at 2am? No problem.
Got to be at the airport at 5am? No problem.

Can Sheppo's handle a lot of luggage?

Many passengers going on cruises like the option of taking lots of luggage. Sheppo's offer additional carry capacity by adding a trailer to the buses. Just let the booking officer know what your luggage requirements may be.

Do Sheppo's cater for children?

By Australian law, children under 7 years require specific restraints while in a vehicle.
We supply such restraints upon request. Do this at the time of booking.


How do we pay?

We prefer to receive payment at the time of booking. Eftpos, Direct bank deposit, Paypal, PayID (OSKO) is available. Cash payments are available at the time of travel, but need to be arranged at the time of the booking.

Do Sheppo's do trips other than transfers?

Absolutely. Sheppo's can cater for just about any transport requirement you may have, except maybe carrying your backpack up Mt Everest or escorting you around Bali, although we do have local contacts. 

We also do tours, special family events, staff events, as well as specific tailored packages. Call us and give us an opportunity to fulfill your transport requirements.


 Please refer to our Terms and Conditions page. (Click here)

Airport Pickups


Airport Domestic terminal - Virgin/Jetstar T2

For pickups, our driver will be waiting near your transport. The only location allowed for us is in the limousine area, which is located just outside from baggage carousel 5. Exit the nearest door and your transport should be just a few paces to the left. 


Airport Domestic terminal - Qantas T3

After collecting luggage, exit the terminal and turn left. The limousine parking area is located a few meters by the curb. (Click image for an enlarged view)


Airport Intl terminal - T1

There are 2 arrival halls. A and B.
Your driver will meet you once you exit the customs.
For Hall A they will be waiting near the coffee shop to the left of the exit. Where possible our driver will endeavor to contact you via phone or text.
For Hall B, the driver will meet you near the customs exit.
The driver will then escort you to the vehicle. (Click image for an enlarged view)

Cruise pickups


Overseas Cruise Terminal - Circular Quay

Due to the congestion at the terminal, it is not possible for the driver to wait until you exit. They will park nearby and call or text you confirming their availability. Please return their call or text

 when you exit the terminal saying you have cleared the terminal and ready to be collected.Upon exiting the cruise terminal, take the sthrn doorway (towards the city) where you will see the various limo companies buses lined up, Look for the Sheppo's van/bus


Overseas Cruise Terminal - White Bay

Your driver will be waiting in the car park.