As you know, we proudly support local business in the Illawarra region, and your business can be one of them. We now have a fantastic opportunity for your business to advertise on a Sheppo's Shuttleus Pty Ltd (Sheppo’s) bus and/or trailer and help out the Wollongong Wolves at the same time.

A Little Background

Sheppo’s are now one of the Wollongong Wolves sponsors in 2019 (please see  media release), transporting their players to and from away matches throughout Sydney (north to Manly, west to Mt Druitt, east to Kensington and many metropolitan suburbs in between) between March and mid-August this year. To support this, we are raising funds to help with various related activities.

The Offer

 We can offer your business some advertising space on a Sheppo's bus (or freshly revamped trailer) which, in addition to transporting the Wolves throughout Sydney as noted above, also travels around the Illawarra and Sydney regions on a regular basis for Sheppo’s day-to-day transport bookings. Your business will get good exposure throughout these regions and be seen as also supporting and sponsoring, not only Sheppo's, but the Wollongong Wolves.

If you are interested please contact ( or 0403 988 701) and we can discuss your requirements to make it happen for you. 


 6 months from the date of a signed agreement between Sheppo’s and the Advertiser.


Renewal for a further 6 months will be automatic unless either party informs the other party at least one week prior to the renewal date, that they do not wish to continue with the advertising. 

Bus Advertising

 Your advertising will be displayed on the rear of our largest bus (the bus used for all Wollongong Wolves events) plus any other use of the bus in Sheppo’s day-to-day operations:
. Size: 250mm x 680mm. 2 available, $550 each, shown in orange below

· Size: 340mm x 640mm, 2 available, $650 each, shown in grey below



Trailer Advertising

 This will be displayed on the trailer used for all Wollongong Wolves events plus any other use of the trailer in Sheppo’s day-to-day operations:

· Size: 390mm x 640mm, 6 available (3 on each side), $700 each, shown in green below

· Size: 570mm x 490mm. 4 available, $750 each, shown in blue below







 Prices exclude GST 

  • Prices are for advertising space only 
  • Advertiser is responsible for all Artwork, Production and Application and Removal costs for the sticker. 
  • The sticker production and application can be undertaken by the Advertiser’s own contractor, ensuring that contractor must give an undertaking that any damage sustained to the bus as a result of their work will be rectified at their cost. If you do not have your own contractor, please contact Sheppo’s for details of the contractor used by Sheppo’s. 
  • Advertising fees are to be paid in advance to Sheppo’s, within one week of receipt of an invoice from Sheppo’s. 

Advertising Conduct

 Any advertising placed by the Advertiser on Sheppo’s bus or trailer must: 

  1. comply with all applicable Laws; 
  2. comply with all applicable advertising industry codes of conduct, codes of ethics and codes of advertising 
  3. not depict political, religious, or other similar subject matter; 
  4. not resemble or be capable of confusion with directional or informational signs either by shape, size or colour; and 
  5. where in Transport for NSW reasonable opinion, advertising on a Sheppo’s bus or trailer does not comply with the clauses above, Sheppo’s may be directed to remove an advertising item within 1 business day of being so directed. Sheppo’s will notify the Advertiser of the order, so that the Advertiser may arrange for its Removal and a replacement, if required. Sheppo’s will not be liable for costs associated with Removal or replacement of the Sticker.
  6. Sheppo’s must review all copies of proposed stickers at least 5 business days prior to the Production, and Sheppo’s reserve the right to reject any or all of the proposed sticker content.